USA TODAY :: Helmet requirements approved by Texas 7-on-7 football organization

A budding Westlake Village company is attempting to tackle a huge problem of America’s most popular sports face, head injuries. And an East Coast university that is an authority on the subject says GameBreaker is a game-changer in softshell headgear. As 7-on-7 football continues its rapid spike in popularity, the Texas association has taken a step to make the sport safer. In January, the Texas State 7on7 Organization passed a rule requiring players to wear soft-shell, cap-style helmets that have a four- or five-star rating by a Virginia Tech study. This rule will be implemented for the 2019 state tournament and the 2020 season. Texas 7on7 executive director Doug Stevens said setting a standard based on the Virginia Tech protocol was important because lesser helmets and headband-style protections can give a false sense of security.

Protecting the Future of American Football

With participation in youth football in steady decline, Gamebreaker Headgear CEO Mike Juels explains how better protection for players will better protect the future of the game.


HELMETFITHELMET INFLATION SYSTEM With an app-controlled handheld electric pump, HelmetFit eliminates the guesswork of the helmet inflation process and establishes a custom fit for every player. HelmetFit streamlines the helmet fitting process by recording the air pressure at each inflation point. This creates the ability to pinpoint and save a custom fit for each player. […]

Concussions in Girls Sports: UW-Madison study, the largest in the U.S.

Concussions in Girls Sports: UW-Madison study on soft shell headgear largest in the U.S. UW-Madison has recently conducted the largest study of it’s kind on soft shell protective headbands. The study followed nearly 3,000 female soccer players, mostly in Wisconsin area high schools. Researchers initially found it difficult to convince coaches to take part. In […]

Belichick’s Practice-Field Injury Recounted

A new book, BELICHICK: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time by ESPN senior writer Ian O’Connor, tells the story of a practice-field injury to New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick when he played at Division III Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.  The year was 1971.  Belichick, a sophomore, 5-feet-10, 185 pounds, was the snapper for Wesleyan’s FG/PAT scout team.  Two defensive tackles on the FG/PAT block team were assigned to double-team him, pancake him onto his back, while a linebacker shot the gap and blocked the kick.

Could soccer headgear reduce concussion risk? First-ever ratings say yes.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And participation is rising in the United States, where it’s widely considered a safer alternative to other contact sports like football, which is facing heightened scrutiny as media coverage of brain injuries among NFL players has trained a spotlight on the sport’s risks. But soccer players […]

WTOP :: A New ‘Soft Shell’ Helmet is Geared to Keep Athletes Safe

The best way to prevent sports-related concussions is not to hit your head, but research released Tuesday shows which protective headgear works best to reduce the risk of head injuries for soccer players when collisions do happen.
“There’s a wide range of performance within the current [headgear] available to consumers,” Virginia Tech Helmet Lab Director Steve Rowson said. “When you do have a head impact, you want to have the very best head protection available.”
The headgear is meant to prevent the most common type of concussion in soccer — one that occurs when two players knock heads when both are trying to head the ball.