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Two former high school players discuss quitting football due to head trauma

Brad Millice remembers it like it was yesterday — but then again, he doesn’t. “I was backpedaling at the linebacker position and a guy came across and ear-holed me while trying to block me,” the 19-year-old said, before taking a pause. “Or so they tell me.” They tell Millice that, after that 2009 contest with […]

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Injured student wins $2.4M over neck injury

A 19-year-old North Hollywood High School student who broke his neck during a football tryout practice has won a $2.4-million arbitration award against the Los Angeles Unified School District. Johnny Rider suffered a five-way cervical spine fracture during a running back drill on July 8, 2008, for which he and other students were not provided […]

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Student dies after being injured during flag football

source: By Seria Dassing, Hawkins Police Chief Ron Voda confirmed 15-year-old Jacob Gatlin, a Hawkins ISD student, died at Dallas Children’s Hospital Thursday morning from an injury received during an athletics program. Voda said Gatlin was playing flag football Tuesday when he and another player both jumped up for a pass and bumped heads. School […]

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Attention College Sports Fans: CDC and NCAA Team Up on Head Trauma Safety Be sure to cheer for concussion safety and your favorite college sports team this season, as CDC and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) have teamed up to create concussion educational resources for coaches, student-athletes, team medical staff, and college sports fans. Each of these resources includes important information on concussion signs and symptoms, […]

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FREDERICK O. MUELLER, Ph.D. ROBERT C. CANTU, M.D. Brain and spinal injuries in football have been dramatically reduced since the rules were changed in 1976 to prohibit butt blocking and face tackling, and any other technique in which the helmet and facemask purposely received the brunt of the initial impact. There are still a small […]


Armed Forces Flag Football Study

Flag football has long been very popular in the armed forces of the United States, with the Air Force even completing a 10-year descriptive study of flag football injuries from 1993-2002. They found that the leading cause of injury was due to contact with another player, which caused 42% of their reported injuries. The second […]

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Football: The 7 on 7 season has begun

No one can make any final conclusions about what might happen in the fall after watching a seven-on-seven football competition, because it can be so misleading. But impressions about team chemistry, toughness, quickness and individual skills can’t be ignored, so taking a look at teams who played in the Valley College tournament on Saturday provides […]