KFL Combine & Preventing Head Injuries

Protecting the youth of today should be paramount throughout youth sports of all levels of physicality, with head injuries prevalent in many of them. Gamebreaker and our team of Jimmy Clausen and Derek Hagan were recently featured in an article about the KFL Combine that recently took place! There’s no sure way to prevent an […]

Gamebreaker's 7on7 Helmets - Football Headgear

Texas Football Shifting towards Safety with 7on7 Helmets featuring Gamebreaker

Gamebreaker’s 7on7 Helmets were recently featured on Vype in an article detailing the shift in Texas towards safety!  Check it out! The state that berthed 7on7 football is set to revolutionize the game by taking a dramatic step towards making it safer. Texas-based PrimeTime Sports signed an exclusive partnership with Gamebreaker Helmets and will mandate […]

Why Wear Protective Headgear in Non-Contact Sports & Situations?

Why Wear Protective Headgear in Non-Contact Sports & Situations?

If you have ever experienced a head-related injury or watched your child take a serious hit during game-play, you understand the importance of protective headgear. Whether the regulations require headgear or not, it is important for you and/or your child to protect themselves and limit the risk of head injuries that could have potentially long-term […]

Concussions in Sports Impacting School Athletic Programs - Gamebreaker Headgear

Head Injuries in Sports Impacting High School Athletic Programs

Concussions in sports are a growing issue as well as finding adequate ways to protect our children on the field. Whether a concussion results in severe damage or prevents an individual from playing the game they love, finding a safe solution is a necessity for athletic departments and organize sport organizations. The NFHS (National Federation […]

football safety concerns

Football safety concerns come to a head

By MARCIA C. SMITH / ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER The NFL is a day away from hosting the Super Bowl, the most irresistibly gaudy, glitzy and gut-bucket championship of the year. Goliaths and gladiators collide on the gridiron, playing an aggressive, rugged brand of tackle football for the amusement of an expected 110 million TV viewers. […]

soft-shell helmets

Clay Matthews surprises brother’s team with soft-shell helmets

Clay Matthews is known for his big hits and teeth-rattling sacks. But the Green Bay Packers linebacker never wants them to come at the expense of a serious injury. Matthews is an advocate for making football as safe as possible, and realizes the NFL sets an example for younger players. Matthews recently put his words […]

concussion-preventing helmets

Agoura’s first family of football puts safety first

Team Matthews conscious of head injuries By Stephanie Bertholdo [email protected] The rain falling last week didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of fourth- and fifth-grade flag football players when National Football League star Clay Matthews III sloshed onto the field at Chumash Park in Agoura Hills to deliver concussion-preventing helmets to the young Packers team. Matthews, a […]

concussion-preventing helmet

‘Gamebreaker’ helmet aims to prevent head injuries on playing field

A youth flag football coach calls them “goofy,” but it’s an endearing reference delivered with a chuckle. The head of a prestigious medical clinic says it works. And a former NFL star and coach at one of the top prep football programs in California says it just makes sense. The Gamebreaker is a new type […]

flag football helmets

Flag football takes hold in Anchorage

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — It’s a blustery early fall day, the wind whipping through Anchorage Football Stadium, one of the city’s oldest athletic facilities. It isn’t raining — for a change. The weather has been unseasonably unpleasant here the past few weeks, with flooding, lots of rain and wind gusts of more than 100 miles an […]

safety helmets

MHS testing new safety helmets to prevent head injuries

Last fall The Malibu Times ran an article on the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and its institution of preventative measures to protect athletes against brain injury. A year later we explore new measures being taken at Malibu High School. Read more.