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Football is a physical game, and a big part of the role of Tim Kirksey, Head Coach at Westlake High School, is to ensure his players enjoy the game with the maximum amount of protection. Tim has partnered with GameBreaker and D3O to achieve this.

PAC Coast Business Times :: GameBreaker puts contact sports into a whole new ball game with its revolutionary headgear

GAMEBREAKER PUTS CONTACT SPORTS INTO A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME WITH ITS REVOLUTIONARY HEADGEAR By Chris Officer Staff Writer, Pacific Coast Business Times A budding Westlake Village company is attempting to tackle a huge problem one of America’s most popular sports face, head injuries. And an East Coast university that is an authority on the […]


As many families get ready to kick off a new school year, it also marks the return of football across America — whether it’s pro, college, high school, or youth — and 8News is learning the future of football may have flags. Flag football is now the fastest-growing team sport in the country. More kids ages 6 to 12 are playing flag football than tackle football. A study by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association found over the past three years flag football numbers have increased by 38% with more than 1.5 million kids nationwide in leagues across the country. Many see it as safer than the tackle version.

KRIS 6 NEWS :: A New ‘Soft Shell’ Helmet is Geared to Keep Athletes Safe

Last football season, King High School’s Head Football Coach, Eddie Hesseltine, was approached about a soft shell, cap-style helmet. He was intrigued, but not completely sold. Until one of his players, who had a history of concussions, hit his head on the field during a 7-on-7 tournament.
Hesseltine says he was worried that this player might have another concussion. Fortunately, that player was fine, but this gave Hesseltine the idea that even without full pads there needs to be more protection.


Even a non-contact sport by definition could be safer. That was the Texas State 7-on-7 Organization’s thinking when it approved a soft-shell helmet requirement last January for the state tournament. This year’s state 7-on-7 tournament is the first in a 22-year history in which headgear is required.
No one is tackling in 7-on-7, but incidental contact remains a possibility. The state 7-on-7 board believes these efforts help. The soft-shell helmets just can’t be any helmet, either.


Player safety has become a focus in football over the past few years. Many modifications have been made for the game in pads, but there is also the game without pads, 7on7.
“If you’ve been in this long enough at the 7on7 level, you’ve witnessed a head injury, and I have,” said Westlake head coach Todd Dodge.

USA TODAY :: Helmet requirements approved by Texas 7-on-7 football organization

A budding Westlake Village company is attempting to tackle a huge problem of America’s most popular sports face, head injuries. And an East Coast university that is an authority on the subject says GameBreaker is a game-changer in softshell headgear. As 7-on-7 football continues its rapid spike in popularity, the Texas association has taken a step to make the sport safer. In January, the Texas State 7on7 Organization passed a rule requiring players to wear soft-shell, cap-style helmets that have a four- or five-star rating by a Virginia Tech study. This rule will be implemented for the 2019 state tournament and the 2020 season. Texas 7on7 executive director Doug Stevens said setting a standard based on the Virginia Tech protocol was important because lesser helmets and headband-style protections can give a false sense of security.