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    HelmetFit streamlines the helmet fitting process by recording the air pressure at each inflation point. This creates the ability to pinpoint and save a custom fit for each player. As a result, HelmetFit allows users to automatically re-inflate helmets to the saved setting without players being present. The morning before a big game? Fit the whole team before they are even in the locker room.

    The three core values of HelmetFit are:

    1. The novel capability of pinpointing a player’s custom fit. Allowing supervisors to proactively and efficiently fit helmets

    2. Helmet Maintenance: Our device assists supervisors in detecting if there are faulty/compromised air liners. Allowing them to effectively detect and replace broken liners

    3. Fit History Reports: Risk management in the palm of your hand. Our player log feature allows administrators to generate detailed fit history reports. This way, team and school officials can prove and assure that have conducted helmet fitting sessions

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