Rugby Helmets & Gamebreaker Headgear

Rugby Helmets & Gamebreaker’s Headgear

For individuals who have played rugby or seen it on television, it is not only a contact sport, but the players’ body is provided no protection like in football. Head-related injuries such as concussions are common in the sport and are becoming an increased health concern, one that the right set of rugby helmets can help prevent.

Rugby helmets are not mandatory, however it can aid a player when a hit may be too hard or a fall may be too fast.  Gamebreaker provides the proper rugby headgear that complies with the International Rugby Board (IRB), not only helping you and your team reduce the chance of a head-related injury, but also potentially increasing the players’ longevity in the sport.

Use preventative measures to ensure you and your loved ones are safe on the field with our rugby headgear. With an easy-to-use sizing chart and multiple colors to make your team, this safety headgear can add peace-of-mind to a contact sport. Click here to view our selection of rugby headgear and order today!