What people are saying about Gamebreaker

  • “The [GameBreaker] AURA is absolutely the single greatest “additional” piece of soccer equipment I’ve ever had the pleasure of utilizing for my soccer team. Boys can be picky if they feel held back by equipment and the AURA fits perfectly and allows them the freedom to still play with no distraction. The added safety provides a coach and parent Peace of mind when concussions are at the forefront of the game. As a parent I can’t imagine my child not wearing the AURA to play the beautiful game!”

    Rusty Oglesby
    Rusty OglesbyVice President United Soccer Coaches Board of Directors
  • GameBreaker hands down has the best customer service I have ever experienced. This is the first year of the AMHS 7v7 team and we needed helmets, so I contacted GameBreaker. My rep, Jake Juels, responded to my inquiry the very next day. Throughout the initial quoting and design phases Jake was extremely responsive to my emails and he bent over backwards to make sure we were all set to play in our first tournament. After placing my order, it was discovered that the blue multi-sport model soft shell that I ordered was sold out, so Jake had me upgraded to the pro model, free of charge (and quite frankly, when I need more helmets, I’ll be ordering the pro model from this point forward. It’s worth the extra $20). Unfortunately, this delayed our shipment and prevented our helmets from arriving in time for our first tournament. Rather than have us forego our first chance to play this season, Jake had 16 brand new helmets sent to my team as loaners, shipped 3-day air so they’d arrive in time for us to play that Sunday. On Monday, our actual helmets arrived (looking phenomenal) and I sent the loaner helmets back, but it was Jake and his above and beyond level of customer service that ensured AMHS was able to compete in their first ever tournament and I’ll never forget that. Because of Jake’s customer service I am now a lifelong customer of GameBreaker and I am a lifelong customer of Jake Juels!

    Derek Bodine
    Derek BodineAuburn Mountainview High School
  • I am the Director of a new volleyball club in western NY. Claire Brewer, a middle took 3 horrible hits to the head while digging a ball in early fall. Not only did she hit her head on the floor in one play, she rallied to continue and then went down again (keeping her head off the floor) only to have another player plow into her head into the floor and yet another knee her in the back of the head as she went down again. She lost an entire 3 months of an Undefeated/Sectional champs school season. Claire’s parents and doctor (who also played volleyball through college) said, “If you want to continue playing the game, you can – but, I suggest a helmet to better protect you!”
    Enter GameBreaker! 
    She just received her new helmet and participated in her first practices this week.  She is rocking it!
    I am happy to place your logo on our small little website ravevbc.weebly.com under our Resources tab and also on our sponsor/thank you page because we do THANK YOU!!!!  I wanted to ask you permission before just placing the logo with a link on our site.  Please let us know if you are ok with a little advertising.
    Kelly Chacchia
    Kelly ChacchiaRAVE VBC
  • “Safety of our athletes is a priority! Proud to announce our partnership with @gamebreakerhg for all our non-padded, non-contact practices.”

    Tom Herman
    Tom Herman@CoachTomHerman
  • “The Gamebreaker helmets were used at all Rivals’ 3-Stripe Camps in 2017. Players compete hard in one-on-one competitions at Rivals camps, but thanks to the helmets, the camps were the safest in Rivals’ history. More than 1,800 athletes competed and we didn’t have one head injury. The Gamebreaker staff cares about safety and are easy to work with. We were proud to be the first major camp series to have Gamebreaker helmets at all of our camps, and are excited to continue to work with them in the future.”
    Greg Gibson
    Greg Gibson Rivals Director of Operations
  • Hello,

    My name is Drew Hagerman.  I am combat wounded veteran who suffered brain injuries due to concussion and blast over pressure while executing facets of my military occupational specialty (12B combat Engineer) In the Army during multiple deployments. Since being wounded, during recovery, I have intently studied the negative cumulative effects of concussive trauma on overall brain health in veterans and the long term effects experienced.  I have two sons, ages 8 and 12, who are wrestlers.  Head trauma is very common in the sport (of wrestling) and since my children began taking part, I have been searching for a solution in headgear that would provide  increased protection against possible brain damage, something I fear due to seeing numerous cases of profound trauma take place during matches at local and national level tournaments.  I discovered “Gamebreaker” head gear at a national tournament in Virginia Beach, Virginia in December 2017.  While enquiring about the product and conversing with Kyle (Auffray) I realized that I had found the solution I had been waiting for.  I immediately ordered two customized headgear from them and both of my boys have begun competing in them and like them very much.  I have in turn begun education parents, coaches and officials who approach us and ask questions.  I have no doubt that this is the future of headgear and a good solution that will allow our young girls and boys to compete in contact sports with greatly decreased fears of long lasting negative effects caused my head trauma.
    Thank you for this great product, keep up the good work
    Andrew (Drew) Hagerman
  • “Our kids initially were not fond of the idea of having to wear 7v7 helmets. Not a lot of teams were doing this in Florida and it wasn’t appealing to them. I tried showing them pictures online and this didn’t sway them at all. However, during the ordering process the Gamebreaker folks were pleasant, and the process was smooth and timely. Once the helmets arrived in OUR colors with OUR logo the kids were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to try them on. When we made it to the championship game each time versus St. Cloud (who also was wearing Gamebreaker helmets) our kids jokingly chanted each time “It’s the helmets! It’s the helmets”. I’m glad we were able to secure the batch that we have and we look forward to using them well into the future! Safety does not have a price in my opinion and Gamebreaker helmets provide a level of safety never before seen in 7v7 competition!”

    Kevin D. Hubbard
    Kevin D. HubbardHead Football Coach New Smyrna Beach High School
  • The kids and parents love the helmets and are looking at buying more!  Thanks again!

    Phil Cohen
    Phil CohenTemescal Canyon Football Head Coach, Science and AVID
  • With 7 on 7′s becoming more frequent and competitive, Our Gamebreaker helmets put me more at ease about the protection of our players.

    Mike Hobbie
    Mike HobbieHead Coach San Marino
  • We work hard to do anything we can to protect our Athletes so when Gamebreaker approached us it was an easy decision. We are confidant this will help reduce concussions during spring and summer while keeping our athletes on the field getting the reps needed to work towards a championship.

    Kevin Corridan
    Kevin CorridanHead Football Coach, King High School
  • I think the gamebreaker helmet is a great step in helping our players from preventing head injuries during our spring practice and passing tournaments in the summer. Also excellent for days you are in no pads during the season.

    Steve Belles
    Steve BellesHamilton High School 2012 State Champions
  • “I made the decision to go with Gamebreaker Helmets because I wanted to protect the kids as much as possible. Because of all the concussion stuff that is going around, we bought them for preventative measure and for safety value. This was the first summer where I saw multiple schools wearing them. Now I see them all over the place. People are doing whatever measures they can take to protect the players. It is now part of our Uniform.”

    Ray Humphrey
    Ray HumphreyMalibu Coach • 8th Season
  • Thanks to Game Breaker Helmets for providing my football program with a very important piece of head protection. One of my best wide receivers took a bad knee right to side of the head during a passing league tournament. He told me after that if he had not been wearing the helmet provided by Gamebreaker, the result would have been much, much worse.

    FrithEl Toro High School Head Coach
  • “CYFFA has been part of flag football in the Conejo Valley for over 40 years and we believe in providing our players with protection. Helmets themselves cannot promise a concussion-free game, but Gamebreaker offers the protection we need and piece of mind at the end of the day. Parents like them because they are light weight, easy to carry, and very easy to clean. Coaches don’t have to worry about trying to snap a chinstrap for the younger players. The velcro fastener makes it easy for children to use and they stay fastened. Light weight, durable, easy to store, easy to clean, adjustable and safety make Gamebreaker helmets the helmet of choice for CYFFA. Don’t forget the team at Gamebreaker, they are there for you.”

    Greg Legore
    Greg LegoreCYFFA
  • “After speaking directly with GameBreaker’s sales staff and getting the details worked out regarding their fantastic payment options, the soft-shelled helmets were delivered within days of giving the okay for production. The helmets, as well as our school’s logo, look great and our players are already benefiting from the additional protection the GameBreaker helmets provide to its athletes. Eastside High School is very happy with the product and the service we received from Gamebreaker Helmets and strongly recommend them to other schools who are interested in helping to protect their players.”

    Rich Lear
    Rich LearHead Coach at Eastside High School
  • “I’m really happy that we ordered the Gamebreaker helmets for our kids and I can tell you the kids love them too, especially the look of the helmets and the customized aspect. Now not only are they protected, but they love wearing them, which is a really great deal. I know there is no way you can ever prevent a concussion in this sport, but I haven’t had an incident since getting the helmets. Again, I’m really happy with my order and I feel a lot safer with them wearing them outside of pads.”

    Raul Lara
    Raul LaraLong Beach Polytechnic High School
  • “We have been using the product for two years now and I can’t tell you enough how happy we have been with Gamebreaker Helmets. The product is second to none and has added protection to our players in our off-season, spring, and summer practices that previously was unavailable. It has given our players the confidence needed to compete with the knowledge that the soft helmets they are wearing offer some form of protection from head trauma and injury. While no helmet, be it soft or hard, offers 100% protection from concussions, we do feel that the Gamebreaker soft helmet has limited the amount of head related injuries we have seen since we began using it. Finally, the customer support and service provided by the staff at Gamebreaker has been tremendous. Every time we have called and asked for more helmets or sizes, they have delivered above and beyond what was asked. I can say enough how proud we are to be partners with Gamebreaker in offering additional protection for our players. Thanks, God Bless, and Go Centurions!”

    Jason Bornn
    Jason BornnSuagus High School – Head Coach
  • “I really do love the helmets and it’s a great product at the right time. We’ve had ours for some years now and all of the athletes and the parents, especially the parents, understand the value of these and know how physical these 7-on-7 settings have become. With the new logos and that, it really makes the helmets friendlier for the kids, and the parents are big fans of that. I’ve got a new group of freshmen coming in and I will be placing another order shortly here in January.”

    Dave White
    Dave WhiteHuntington Beach (Calif.) Edison Head Coach
  • It is our responsibility as coaches to do everything we can do protect the health of our athletes. With all the current research showing how important it is to avoid concussions, the Gamebreaker helmet is a product whose time has come. We will not allow our players to practice or compete in the offseason without them.

    Charlie Wegher
    Charlie WegherAgoura High School
  • “The GameBreaker helmet is no question the best and safest product on the market right now. We looked at those karate or martial art’s helmets I saw two or three schools in, and I can tell you, there’s a night and day difference between the two types. The (GameBreaker) helmets are designed specifically for football and they made sure to cover all of their bases before bringing the newest line out. These soft-shelled helmets are going to be made mandatory before you know it, and at 1925 and BMOC our priority is keeping our D1 athletes healthy and sending them back to their home schools in better condition than we got them. My boys love the look and feel and add in the ability to have our logo’s on them and it’s a win/win.”

    Brian Kelly
    Brian Kelly11 seasons in the NFL, including a Super Bowl win in 2002 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • We received the Gambreaker helmets just this spring, and I already know that we feel much better as a staff about the safety of our student/athletes. The helmet has been great as a far as durability and effectiveness. I am in favor of our athletes wearing the (Gamebreaker) helmets, and not just our football players either.

    Clay Matthews II
    Clay Matthews IIOaks Christian School
  • The helmets look great and the players are asking constantly why we don’t have more. I love the fact that they are very flexible, very comfortable and especially the love the fact that you can machine-wash them and our guys have zero worries about swapping or sharing. We had a little passing tournament this past weekend and did not have an issue with injuries at all, and that makes everyone across the board know that they are safer. I remember when the kids first put them on, and within a couple of days all of the guys loved the lightweight material on the (Gamebreaker) helmet.

    Eric MacIntyre
    Eric MacIntyreAntelope Valley Head Coach
  • We feel the Gamebreaker helmet adds a level of protection and security and if there is a collision we think it is going to be diminished because of these helmets. We are more than pleased with our purchase and will continue to wear them all summer and down the line. When our freshmen come in a few weeks, we’ll have every kid in the program wearing them.

    I have had no problems at all with helmets. I even have my quarterback wearing one, so it’s a team deal where everybody is on board. It’s really all about protecting the youth.

    Harry Welch
    Harry WelchSanta Margarita High School
  • Safety is our biggest concern. Our kids are getting faster and stronger… they need to be protected. Gamebreaker Helmets makes our team look “professional,” if we can look like the part, our boys will start acting like it, in the classroom, community, and and on the field.

    Anthony White
    Anthony WhiteHead Coach Buena Park High School
  • Bought helmet for my daughter after she got her second concussion playing volleyball. Last week she ran head first into a wall while diving for a ball. The impact knocked the breath out of her and she saw stars. She was dismissed from practice. Her coach was afraid she had obtained her third concussion. We are VERY happy to report that the helmet saved her from a concussion!!! Could not be happier with your product. Thank you so much for selling such an amazing product!!!!

    Stephanie Kellerman
    Stephanie KellermanMakinzie Kellerman, Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville KY and MidAmerica Volleyball Association
  • Last season our football team suffered the most tragic thing imaginable: the death of one of our players. Our goal this offseason was to protect our players to the best of our ability at all times. As part of this process, we researched helmet shells for non-padded football events. We decided to go with GameBreaker Helmets and we found that they are second to none in service, protection, comfort, and style. While nothing can totally prevent concussions, our players feel safer and our parents are secure with the added protection that we get from the GameBreaker helmets. They are the best on the market- Thank you Mike Juels and GameBreaker for making our kids safer!!

    Patrick “Mac” McCarthy
    Patrick “Mac” McCarthyHead Football Coach • Arlington High School, Riverside, CA
  • I just want to let you know that we finished our 7on7 season without any serious head injuries, lacerations, or concussions. Michigan Elite finished 3rd in the IMG National 7v7 tournament!!

    Ron Rice
    Ron RiceMichigan Elite Football Club • Beverly Hills, MI
  • This is the second season we have used the helmets and the number of head injuries has dropped substantially. We have played a number of other teams that have had to take their players out of a game due to head injuries. We haven’t had any of those problems. Plus our helmets have helped cut down on the head to head injuries for our opponents.

    The kids love the helmets, wearing them whenever they have a chance. My son wears the helmet from the time he leaves the house till the end of the game. The older boys also love them and try to wear them whenever they can.

    These have been the best thing our league could have done for these players. They look awesome, they protect not only our players but our opponents and they help us teach proper fundamentals to the players.

  • The GameBreaker helmets were absolutely awesome for our boys. We used them throughout the off-season and during the year and I can tell you with certainty that it definitely saved us from a ton of head injuries, because during the 7-on-7’s, things get physical and kids want to treat it like a game situation. The kids washed them and they still look like they did when we first got them. I definitely am a fan now.

  • Close calls and collisions between players during athletic play are common. I can rest a little easier knowing my players are equipped with a GAMEBREAKER. Parents appreciate the extra step leagues take to prevent injuries by providing GAMEBREAKERS. Great design, durable and safer for players. GAMEBREAKERS should be a part of your league’s efforts to ensure safer play.

    Chris Truelock
    Chris TruelockCity of Simpsonville Kentucky
  • Bullis School girls’ lacrosse has been using the GameBreaker soft headgear for three seasons, going into our fourth season. They are comfortable, easy to use, were able to be customized to our school colors with a team logo, and are treated like any other piece of equipment that the girls use in the sport of lacrosse. The GameBreaker helmet has become part of our uniform and will continue to be worn at all practices and games for the 2015 season!

    Kathleen Lloyd
    Kathleen LloydBullis School • Girls’ Athletic Director • Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach

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