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Top Three Rugby Injuries, Treatment & Prevention

Rugby is one of the toughest contact sports that does not provide direct protection in the form of pads, helmets and gloves. Naturally, rugby injuries are bound to happen during game-play whether individuals are playing rough or not.

Learn about the top three rugby injuries:

3. Thigh Hematoma

Like a severe bruise, a hematoma is caused by a direct hit to an area causing the blood vessels to be damaged. This creates a large clot from leaking blood around the affected area. Common forms of treatment include rest, ice compression & elevation (RICE) of the affected area.  Outside of wearing pads, prevention is pretty much limited to diet & anti-inflammatory supplements along with avoiding impact in the first place.

2. Hamstring Injury

Injuring a hamstring can be caused by multiple reasons such as not properly warming up, having a tight muscle, increased work on tired muscles or over stretching an area. When the muscle tears, conditioning training and rehabilitation are needed to improve the hamstring.  Proper stretching and increased flexibility is the primary form of prevention to create strong muscles, along with appropriate weight lifting techniques.  If an injury does occur, surgery is rarely needed, and again the rest, ice, compression & elevation (RICE) method is the go-to for fast and optimal healing.

1. Concussion

Whether it is a mild or severe blow to the head, either can cause a concussion. While hard to avoid due to the nature of rugby, impact can be alleviate with the proper certified and approved rugby headgear.  Rugby concussions can both short and dangerous long term affects, especially if multiple concussions occur within short time frames.  The best form of treatment for mild to moderate concussions is rest, unplugging form high sensory technology & televisions that can cause over stimulation, and a proper diet to aid in body healing naturally.

Rugby is a tough contact sport, make sure you’re protected from rugby injuris and following the proper techniques to maintain longevity in the game. Click here to learn more about Gamebreaker’s Rugby Helmets!