GameBreaker Soft Shell 7v7 Headgear

What is 7v7 Football?

GameBreaker Soft Shell 7v7 Headgear
Safe and stylish on the field - these 7 on 7 football players are ready for anything with the protection of GameBreaker soft shell headgear!

Hey football enthusiasts! Are you ready to take the field and experience the excitement of 7v7 football? This fast-paced game format has been gaining popularity, offering players a chance to showcase their skills in a more dynamic and engaging way. However, as with any sport, player safety should always be a top priority. That’s where GameBreaker headgear comes into play, ensuring you can enjoy the game while staying protected. Let’s dive into the world of 7v7 football and explore how you can play safely with GameBreaker headgear.

Understanding 7v7 Football

In 7v7 football, the smaller teams compete on a reduced-size field, creating a more intense and fast-paced game. Typically, offenses use a center, a quarterback and five receivers. On defense, typically there are two or three linebackers and four or five defensive backs. There are no offensive or defensive linemen and no running plays. Passing is the name of the game in 7 on 7 football. Also, 7 on 7 football is non-contact, usually played with flags or touch contact, but no tackling.


The reduced number of players means that everyone has a chance to contribute and make a significant impact on the game. With fewer players, you’ll have more opportunities to showcase your skills, make quick decisions and develop your technique.

Ensuring Safety with GameBreaker Headgear

Now that we’ve answered “What is 7 on 7 football,” let’s talk about safety. In any contact sport, head injuries can occur, which is why protecting your head is crucial. That’s where GameBreaker headgear comes into play, providing you with top-notch protection during your 7v7 football matches. Although 7v7 football is technically non-contact, there still can be plenty of inadvertent contact taking place. GameBreaker 7v7 soft shell helmets are specifically designed to absorb impacts and reduce the risk of head injuries.


This innovative headgear is crafted with cutting-edge technology, incorporating protective padding and materials that disperse and absorb impact energy. GameBreaker headgear acts as a shield, minimizing the force of collisions and reducing the risk of concussions and other head injuries. So, you can focus on the game, unleash your skills and have peace of mind knowing that you’re playing with an extra layer of protection.

Trust gamebreaker to protect you during 7v7 football

As you gear up for your next exhilarating 7v7 football match, remember the importance of player safety. GameBreaker headgear offers the perfect solution, providing you with the protection you need without compromising on performance. So, why take unnecessary risks when you can elevate your game and stay safe at the same time?


Visit the GameBreaker website today to explore their range of headgear options specifically designed for 7v7 football. Equip yourself with GameBreaker headgear and step onto the field with confidence, knowing that you’re taking the necessary steps to prioritize your safety.