Newest National 7v7 Football Circuit Commits to Player Safety

  WESTLAKE, VILLAGE, CA—Shock Doctor, a leader in protection and performance and maker of the #1 Mouthguard in the World, is proud to partner with GameBreaker, the inventor and pioneer of the soft shell headgear market, in promoting player safety at the new Legends Showcase 7v7 Football Tournament Series. Legends Showcase, now the premier national 7v7 football series for high school and youth athletes, has implemented new safety standards for headgear worn by participants during their events. GameBreaker is the official soft shell headgear of the tournament series. Headgear worn at Legends Showcase must have at least a 4 rating by Virginia Tech Helmet Labs and include a fully functional retention system or chin strap.  The headgear must provide full head coverage with no hard or metal component parts and be unable to cause harm to others. “Legends Showcase has set a new standard of 7v7 event experience for high school and youth athletes, and we know we can only keep growing if we keep athletes top of mind. That means continuing to emphasize player safety, said Candi Whitsel, Senior Vice President of Marketing for United Sports Brands, the parent company of Shock Doctor. “GameBreaker has been a valued partner of ours for several years and their experience in the space is second to none.” The GameBreaker base model soft shell headgear has earned a 4-star safety rating by the Virginia Tech Helmet Labs, while the GameBreaker-PRO soft shell headgear has a 5-star safety rating, the highest possible. “Our mission at GameBreaker has always centered around providing athletes with the best products available, with an emphasis on player safety,” said Kyle Eversgerd, Vice President of Business Development for GameBreaker.  “We’re proud to continue this mission in partnership with Shock Doctor and their new Legends Showcase series.” For more information, visit and   About Shock Doctor Shock Doctor is a global leader in sports protection and performance, ranking as the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology and maker of the #1 mouthguard in the world. At the forefront of innovation for more than 25 years, Shock Doctor provides performance-driven and protective equipment for athletes across a range of sports, including football, basketball, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, MMA, fitness, and more. For more information, visit   About United Sports Brands United Sports Brands is a global leader in sports performance and protective products that help athletes perform at their personal best. Brands within the portfolio include Shock Doctor, the #1 global leader in mouthguards and protection; McDavid, performance and protective brand at the top of the recommended lists of pro athletes, sports medicine professionals, and athletic trainers for more than 35 years; Cutters, the innovative leader in football gloves and high-performance grip technology; NATHAN, the running essentials market leader in athletic hydration, visibility and performance gear; and Glukos, maker of fast-acting, all-natural energy products designed to help athletes unleash their peak performance. United Sports Brands is a portfolio company of Bregal Partners, a private equity investment firm. For more information, visit