Do these helmets make kids go harder?

No. Gamebreaker helmets are so light that athletes don’t realize they are wearing them. We also have a design that allows full peripheral vision. So there is nothing to protecting their face. Your athletes will go harder if they feel like their face is fully protected.


Does Gamebreaker do custom orders?

Gamebreaker can do orders in multiple colors or set up custom logos, names, or numbers, simply contact us for more information and pricing.

How long do custom orders take? 

Customer orders typically take 7-10 days. Rush orders can be accommodated.


How long does shipping take?

Gamebreaker stocks all of our product and we can ship same day. Or if you order custom helmets allow 7-10 days.


Do you have local dealers?

Yes. We have local dealers in most states and are constantly expanding. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us!

Do the helmets get really hot?

Not at all. Our helmets are specifically designed for warm climates. The air vents on the top of the helmets allow the heat to escape, allowing the head to remain cool.


Do you have volume or organizational discounts?

Yes. Please contact us with your team or league needs and we will work out pricing.

Whats the best way to clean these helmets?

Gamebreaker Helmets are machine washable. Put the helmet in the washer with athletes clothes. Make sure you apply an antimicrobial agent that eliminates bacterial odors & contaminants like G Tech Sport.


Contact us today with questions or orders.