Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wear a helmet in flag football?

Yes! GameBreaker flag football headgear is approved for use by most teams and leagues across the country. The GameBreaker and GameBreaker-PRO helmets were designed to protect athletes at any level, from Saturday morning pee-wee flag games all the way up to professionals practicing during the NFL offseason.

Is it important that a Flag Football helmet cover the top of the head?

Just like in tackle football, heavy impacts to the top of the head can occur in flag football and 7on7. Some studies have suggested that concussions related to “top of the head” impacts can even be more severe than impacts to the side of the head. GameBreaker and GameBreaker-PRO helmets are impact protection for the whole head, not just the front, back and side impact zones.

Do these helmets make kids go harder?

No. The designs of all our headgear and helmets allow for full peripheral vision, and do not include face protection or hard metal or plastic components. Research into the “Gladiator Effect” has shown that athletes do not tend to “go harder” when protective face guards are not present.

Does Gamebreaker Take custom orders?

Yes, GameBreaker orders can be customized! Starting with one of our selection of base colors customers can add full color team logos, player names and numbers to their items. Fully custom AURA Soccer Headbands, and GameBreaker Helmets are just the start, complete the look with fully custom uniforms and athletic apparel, all from GameBreaker.


Ordering Under Shield Practice Pads for the whole team? Ask about bulk orders of fully custom practice pads to integrate perfectly with your school, team, or league branding.

How long do custom orders take?

Between 10 and 14 days from design approval. GameBreaker soft shell impact protection equipment is hand customized, and shipped from our San Antonio, Texas production facility.


Need your headgear in a hurry? Rush orders can be accommodated. Call  (818) 224-7424, or your local GameBreaker Sales Representative for more info. Rush fees apply.

Do you have volume or organizational discounts?

Yes. GameBreaker has a nationwide network of helpful sales reps who are ready to walk you through the process of bulk ordering custom soft shell football headgear & helmets, practice pads, soccer headbands, or fully custom uniforms and accessories.
Contact us for more info, or to get the process started today!

How long does shipping take?

Blank, stock, products usually ship within one business day.
Custom helmets, headbands, and other customized items ship within 10-14 days.


Delivery times will vary depending on the shipping method chosen at checkout. Standard UPS Ground shipping times to most locations in the contiguous States are shorter than 4 days. Alaska and Hawaii can take 5-7 days for delivery. International rates and delivery times vary.


Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom uniform production and delivery.

Do the helmets get really hot?

Not at all. Our helmets are specifically designed for warm climates like Texas and Arizona. The air vents on the top of the helmets allow the heat to escape, and the ventilated comfort liner inside helps to keep air moving around your head.

Whats the best way to get soft shell helmets clean?

Gamebreaker Helmets are machine washable. Fasten the chin strap, and put the helmet in the washer with your athletes clothes. Make sure you apply an antimicrobial agent that eliminates bacterial odors & contaminants like G Tech Sport Spray to eliminate any odor between washes.

Can GameBreaker Soft Shell Helmets Be Used for Additional Sports?

Yes, of course. Our soft shell helmets are popular among many athletes and used as rugby scrum caps, surfing helmets, MMA headgear, Volleyball headgear, lacrosse helmets, and water polo caps.


GameBreaker products can be customized with original logos, text, and artwork. But, trademarked, and copyrighted graphics, characters, and marks can not be reproduced without permission from the trademark or copyright owner.

GameBreaker Inc. does not offer for sale any products featuring the trademarks of third parties without permission from the respective trademark owners.


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