• Bullis School girls’ lacrosse has been using the GameBreaker soft headgear for three seasons, going into our fourth season. They are comfortable, easy to use, were able to be customized to our school colors with a team logo, and are treated like any other piece of equipment that the girls use in the sport of lacrosse. The GameBreaker helmet has become part of our uniform and will continue to be worn at all practices and games for the 2015 season!

    Kathleen Lloyd
    Kathleen LloydBullis School • Girls’ Athletic Director • Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach
  • Close calls and collisions between players during athletic play are common. I can rest a little easier knowing my players are equipped with a GAMEBREAKER. Parents appreciate the extra step leagues take to prevent injuries by providing GAMEBREAKERS. Great design, durable and safer for players. GAMEBREAKERS should be a part of your league’s efforts to ensure safer play.

    Chris Truelock
    Chris TruelockCity of Simpsonville Kentucky
  • The GameBreaker helmets were absolutely awesome for our boys. We used them throughout the off-season and during the year and I can tell you with certainty that it definitely saved us from a ton of head injuries, because during the 7-on-7’s, things get physical and kids want to treat it like a game situation. The kids washed them and they still look like they did when we first got them. I definitely am a fan now.

  • This is the second season we have used the helmets and the number of head injuries has dropped substantially. We have played a number of other teams that have had to take their players out of a game due to head injuries. We haven’t had any of those problems. Plus our helmets have helped cut down on the head to head injuries for our opponents.

    The kids love the helmets, wearing them whenever they have a chance. My son wears the helmet from the time he leaves the house till the end of the game. The older boys also love them and try to wear them whenever they can.

    These have been the best thing our league could have done for these players. They look awesome, they protect not only our players but our opponents and they help us teach proper fundamentals to the players.

  • I just want to let you know that we finished our 7on7 season without any serious head injuries, lacerations, or concussions. Michigan Elite finished 3rd in the IMG National 7v7 tournament!!

    Ron Rice
    Ron RiceMichigan Elite Football Club • Beverly Hills, MI