Why Should Surfers Prioritize Helmets for a Safer Ride?

While head injuries in surfing aren’t extremely common, they do occur, often due to collisions with reefs, rocks, sand beds, or boards. Given that sports like skateboarding and kite surfing have widely embraced helmets, the question arises: Why aren’t surfers wearing helmets more frequently?

Westlake Youth Football Is A Pioneer In Safety For Flag Football

Westlake Youth Football is a pioneer in safety for flag football by Kristen Hampshire, Westlake Bay Village Observer Leah Pettigrew’s fourth-grade son lives for sports. “Every day, he has a ball in his hand,” says the Westlake mother, who has seen her fair share of playful jabs during games and flat-out falls. “There is nothing […]

GameBreaker Soft Shell 7v7 Headgear

What is 7 on 7 Football: A Fusion of Skill and Speed

Safe and stylish on the field – these 7 on 7 football players are ready for anything with the protection of GameBreaker soft shell headgear! What is 7 on 7 Football: A Fusion of Skill and Speed Traditional football, with its eleven-player teams and fierce tackles, has long been a cherished American sport. However, a […]