flag football helmet

Chaminade’s Middle School Flag Football Introduces Throwback Helmet

Chaminade’s Middle School athletic program will provide soft-shell helmets for all their flag football athletes beginning this season. With all the recent data and news on concussions, the athletic department decided Chaminade would become one of the first schools in the area to outfit players with soft-shell helmets to protect their athletes by reducing the potential for head trauma and concussion.

Manufactured by local company, Gamebreaker, the helmets include a washable neoprene-type covering with padding underneath and a Velcro chinstrap. The helmets are reminiscent of the leather helmets worn in the 1920s. High School Varsity Head Football Coach, Ed Croson highly recommends these helmets for both flag and tackle football. A majority of high schools in the area, including Chaminade, use these helmets for their 7-on-7 spring football.