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GameBreaker-AURA Soccer Headband is Rated #1 in the World

In the high-speed world of soccer, headgear might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you picture the sport. However, given the concussion rates, it’s a topic that’s been gaining traction. Virginia Tech researchers have been delving into the world of protective headbands and equipment since 2011. They aim to provide players and parents with unbiased, accurate information when it comes to selecting the right protective gear. The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab is now a widely recognized authority in the realm of helmet and headgear safety, and they recently turned their focus to soccer.

The second-ever testing of soccer protective headbands and equipment included a diverse array of 23 products, all independently purchased by the lab. Their STAR evaluation system is a key indicator of safety, with a higher star count signaling a significant reduction in injury risk.

In July 2019, Virginia Tech Helmet Lab released their latest findings, and the results were clear. Gamebreaker’s innovative soccer headband, known as “Gamebreaker AURA,” emerged as the top-rated protective headband for soccer globally, clinching a coveted 5-star rating. It wasn’t just about the stars; the Gamebreaker AURA also scored the highest in terms of coverage, providing protection for a substantial 60% of the head – a feat that none of its competitors could match.

The need for soccer headgear becomes evident when you consider the high concussion rates. A study showed that over 60% of soccer players experienced concussion symptoms each year. Girls’ soccer concussion rates are even comparable to those seen in boys’ football. The importance of soccer headgear in preventing these injuries can’t be overstated.

Gamebreaker’s CEO and Founder, Mike Juels, expressed immense pride in their achievement. The Gamebreaker AURA headband combines a top-notch 5-star rating with the comfort and style that soccer players demand. “Our sole focus has been about protecting players and providing them with opportunities to compete while using the highest level of protection,” said Juels. Soccer is a sport loved by boys and girls of all ages, and Gamebreaker is dedicated to supporting these players in their passion for the world’s most popular sport.

The Gamebreaker AURA soccer headband is a safety solution without sacrificing style and comfort. Retailing at $59.99 and available in various colors, it even offers customization options for team or league logos. The machine-washable headgear also provides reduced pricing rates for bulk purchases for leagues and teams.

In a world where performance is everything, Gamebreaker AURA has combined top-tier protection with the style and comfort soccer players deserve. With a 5-star Virginia Tech Helmet Lab rating, it’s a game-changer in the world of soccer safety.