Gamebreaker Helmets, manufacturer of affordable, high-tech, soft-shell headgear

designed specifically for football, and Practice Like Pros, a national movement to reduce

needless injury in high school football, have announced a partnership to mitigate risk at all

levels of the game.


Practice Like Pros will license use of its logo by Gamebreaker and will endorse the

company’s headgear in its touring video clinic. The Practice Like Pros clinic has been

presented to more than 5000 youth, high school and college coaches and administrators in

26 states and to the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington, D.C.

“This was an easy decision,” said Terry O’Neil, Founder/CEO of Practice Like Pros,

who will accept a seat on the Gamebreaker Advisory Board. “We’ve been fans of

Gamebreaker for years, well before the partnership was proposed. I’ve seen enough

incidental/accidental collisions in practice, in flag football and 7-on-7 competition to know that

if players are not wearing standard helmets, they should always be wearing a Gamebreaker

Helmet and Incidental-Contact Shoulder Pad. We look forward to carrying that message

across the country in our many appearances this off-season.”


Mike Juels, President/CEO of Gamebreaker, said, “We are thrilled to announce this

partnership with Practice Like Pros. Gamebreaker is uniquely matched with the core

competencies and beliefs of Practice Like Pros. Our one-of-a-kind solution is a perfect fit for

Practice Like Pros’ advocacy of less risk on the practice field, in flag football and during 7v7



Gamebreaker Helmets, based in Westlake Village, Ca., offers uniquely designed,

performance-protective headgear, molded out of the highest rated EVA and coupled with D3O

impact technology ( The hook-and-loop chinstrap, combined with adjustable

laces in back or the self-adjusting back, enables the soft-shell headgear to custom-fit each

player’s head. LYCRA surrounds the outer shell, promoting airflow throughout, thus allowing

heat to escape the head. The product is washable — no more sweaty, smelly headgear — and

100% customizable with team logos and multiple color options. See

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Practice Like Pros, based in Weston, Ct., is endorsed by Mike Ditka, Archie Manning,

Tony Dorsett, Ronnie Lott, Warren Moon, Anthony Munoz and dozens of other progressive

minds from football and medical science. In addition to its touring video clinic, Practice Like

Pros is conducting with Dr. Robert C. Cantu of Boston, Dr. Jonathan D. Lichtenstein of

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and a team from the National Institutes of Health

(NIH), Bethesda, Md., the first-ever scientific research of neuro-catastrophic injury in high

school football; first-year findings will be released in August, 2017. Practice Like Pros’

Founder/CEO, Terry O’Neil, is a 16-time Emmy Award winner as Executive Producer of

CBS Sports and NBC Sports, and former Senior Vice President of the New Orleans Saints.