Protecting Kids Who Play Field Hockey

Field hockey is a fast-moving sport with many players moving in all directions. Injuries are often unavoidable and seldom serious. However, for worried parents, they can help protect their kids who play field hockey to ensure they continue to play the sport they love without serious or long-term damage.

Don’t Forget the Warmup

While most professional athletes know the importance of the warmup, many kids will skip over this part to get to the fun of playing. Start out teaching your kids to warm up before any sport even if they aren’t playing competitively.

It only takes five or ten minutes of warming exercises, but that time can prevent many injuries. Coaches know the importance of this time and will stress it to the players. However, kids who are practicing on their own may not take the time without a reminder.

Rest After Injury

No matter how minor an injury, it can impact your ability to play. One of the most common causes of re-injury is returning to play before you’re ready. Don’t allow your kids to play until they’ve received clearance from the doctor for serious injuries.

For more minor injuries, help your kids learn the importance of listening to their bodies. Sometimes, they will need to take a day or two off before returning to play. While coaches should check the kids over to make sure they are ready, ultimately it’s up to the kid to say when they feel good or when they need more time.

Learn Good Techniques

There are many ways to play the game, but not all of them are safe. It’s essential that kids learn the proper techniques for all aspects of field hockey or any sport.

One such technique is learning how to pay attention to everything that’s going on. It’s all too common for players to get hit in the face by a back swing from another player. With all of those bodies running around the court or field, you have to learn to pay attention to everyone.

Wear the Right Equipment

Don’t let your kid even practice without the right equipment and gear. Shin guards and mouth guards are required as are helmets. A face mask will also protect from facial injuries. It’s not only important to have the right gear, but it should be the correct size to provide full protection.

Kids can easily fail to wear a piece of gear during practice. Since it’s not an actual game, they feel it’s safer. However, injuries can occur even in practice, which is why it’s important to always suit up in all of the protective equipment.

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