football concussions

Two former high school players discuss quitting football due to head trauma

Brad Millice remembers it like it was yesterday — but then again, he doesn’t.

“I was backpedaling at the linebacker position and a guy came across and ear-holed me while trying to block me,” the 19-year-old said, before taking a pause. “Or so they tell me.”

They tell Millice that, after that 2009 contest with his Leesville Road (Raleigh, N.C.) squad, the then-sophomore was in total disarray. It wasn’t until Millice reached the locker room that he woke up, unaware of his surroundings and wondering why his head was pounding.

This wasn’t Millice’s first concussion. That came two years earlier after a helmet-to-helmet hit as an eighth-grader. But unlike that incident — or the two others that followed on the basketball court — Millice’s fourth concussion left his memory foggy and his football future in jeopardy.