Bicycle helmet liners

When it comes to cycling, safety and comfort are paramount. That’s why GameBreaker brings you the ultimate innovation in protective gear – our state-of-the-art bicycle helmet liners. Elevating your riding experience to new heights, our advanced liners combine cutting-edge technology with superior craftsmanship, ensuring you enjoy every pedal with confidence.

No matter your cycling style, our bicycle helmet liners have you covered. Whether you’re a road warrior, a mountain trailblazer, a daily commuter, or a family-friendly rider, a bike helmet liner from GameBreaker will enhance your experience across the board. Versatility is our hallmark, ensuring that every cyclist can enjoy the benefits of added protection and comfort.

Protect Yourself While You Ride With Our Bicycle Helmet Liners

Every year, almost 1,000 bicyclists are killed and more than 130,000 are injured in accidents that happen on the road. That’s why cycling safety takes center stage with our bicycle helmet liners. Engineered with impact-absorbing materials, these liners are designed to disperse impact forces and reduce the risk of head injuries. Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or conquering challenging trails, our liners are made from solid D3O to provide an additional layer of protection that you can rely on.

GameBreaker’s dedication to safety goes beyond trends – it’s a core value. Our bicycle helmet liners reflect our unwavering commitment to elevating your cycling experience while prioritizing your well-being. Join the ranks of cyclists who choose GameBreaker for an unmatched blend of technology, protection, and comfort.

Ride in Comfort With Our Bike Helmet Liners

Say goodbye to discomfort during long rides. Our bicycle helmet liners are carefully crafted for comfort. With moisture-wicking properties, they keep you cool and dry, preventing sweat buildup that can distract you from the thrill of the ride. The added padding ensures a snug and comfortable fit, reducing pressure points and allowing you to focus solely on the road ahead.

Worried about fit and compatibility? Don’t be. GameBreaker bicycle helmet liners seamlessly integrate into a wide range of helmet models. Designed to be thin and unobtrusive, they complement your helmet’s existing padding, enhancing it with an additional layer of cushioning without compromising its fit or functionality.

Installing our bicycle helmet liners is a breeze

When installing a GameBreaker Stealth Helmet Liner, there is no need to make modifications to your existing bicycle helmet. That means you won’t have to worry about voiding warranties or potentially damaging expensive bicycle helmets. The only tools you need are a permanent marker and a pair of household scissors or a utility knife.

● Start by placing the Stealth Helmet Liner inside your existing helmet with the orange side facing in.
● You may choose to put the helmet on at this stage to ensure that the liner fully seated and in a position that is comfortable.
● Using a permanent marker, trace a line onto the helmet liner to mark overhang. We recommend using the edge of the helmet as a guide.
● Remove the newly marked Stealth Helmet Liner from your helmet.
● Use scissors or a utility knife to follow the lines you drew and trim off any excess D3O® from your Stealth Helmet Liner.
● Re-insert your trimmed Stealth Helmet Liner with the printed comfort liner facing out.
● Go take a ride!

Powered by State-of-the-Art Impact Technology from D3o®

Decades of innovation and technology make up each one of our products. With D30® technology at the core, our Stealth Helmet Liners increase the protection provided by your bike helmet to superior levels, reducing the risk of head injuries during a fall or collision.


The D30® smart molecule material instantly adapts to an impact, becoming momentarily rigid to dissipate the force, ensuring maximum defense while maintaining comfort and mobility during normal wear. Helmets equipped with GameBreaker Stealth Helmet Liners safeguard cyclists from falls, collisions, and other head hazards to allow you to enjoy your ride with peace of mind. Discover the future of impact protection with GameBreaker and D30®.

FAQs About Bicycle Helmet Liners

If you have questions about our bicycle helmet liners, we want to help. That’s why we have answered a few of the most common questions we hear from customers.

Can GameBreaker Bicycle Helmet Liners Be Removed and Reinserted Easily?

Absolutely. Our bicycle helmet liners are designed for convenience. You can easily remove and reinsert them for cleaning or replacement, ensuring that your helmet remains fresh and ready for your next ride.

Do GameBreaker Bicycle Helmet Liners Come in Different Sizes?

No, the GameBreaker Stealth Helmet liner is a one size fits all product. Designed to fit helmets that range from full head coverage, to skull caps, they even fit the most streamlined racing helmets. Stealth helmet liners are easy to trim to fit any helmet!

Are Your Bicycle Helmet Liners Suitable for Different Types of Cycling?

Yes, our bicycle helmet liners are versatile and suitable for various types of cycling, whether it’s road biking, mountain biking, commuting, or recreational riding. The enhanced protection and comfort benefits apply to all cycling activities.

Can GameBreaker Bicycle Helmet Liners Be Used by Both Adults and Children?

Absolutely. Our bicycle helmet liners are designed to provide improved safety and comfort for cyclists of all ages. Whether you’re an adult or a child, these liners can enhance your cycling experience while prioritizing safety.

Cycle Confidently With Our Bicycle Helmet Liners

Transform your cycling escapades with GameBreaker bicycle helmet liners. Embrace innovation that empowers you to cycle with confidence, knowing you’re shielded by advanced impact absorption technology and unparalleled comfort. Elevate your performance, make safety a priority, and experience the ride of a lifetime with GameBreaker. We also offer our stealth helmet liner, designed for football and other sports.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your safety and enjoyment on the road. Choose GameBreaker bicycle helmet liners and confidently pedal your way to a safer, more comfortable, and exhilarating cycling journey. Your helmet deserves the best – and so do you.


GameBreaker products protected by D3O® are among the most effective and versatile soft impact protection products in the world. Learn more about the innovations in science, technology, and design that have propelled D3O® and their partners to the cutting-edge of impact protection technology.

Trusted worldwide by soldiers, daredevils, professional athletes, industrial workers, and everyday people to protect what matters.

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